The Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund and the Vocational Scholarship

In recognition of Royce’s year as World President, the District Governors of 1988/89 established the Royce & Jean Endowed Fund with the permission of The Rotary Foundation.  Royce and his wife Jean Abbey decided that income from the Endowed Fund would be used to finance agricultural and related scholarships which would assist communities in the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  The selected candidate would spend up to three months in Australia undertaking practical training in his or her field assisted by scholarship funding of USD$10,000.

The Royce Abbey Award

The Royce Abbey Award is available to Rotary Clubs wishing to recognise Rotarians showing enthusiasm and commitment to the Ideals of Rotary. By doing so the club contributes AUD$1,000 to the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund through the Rotary International Foundation Permanent Fund.