The goal of each Royce Abbey Award is to:

  • recognise a Rotarian showing enthusiasm and commitment, consistent with Royce Abbey’s Presidential Theme of 1988/89: ‘Put Life into Rotary, Your Life’

  • provide AUD$1,000.00 to the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund in support of the Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship

  • acknowledge Royce Abbey’s contribution to Rotary and the local and international communities

Throughout his life Royce Abbey displayed enthusiasm and commitment to Rotary, his local community and to the international community.

A Royce Abbey Awardee will have displayed similar enthusiasm and commitment. In most cases a Royce Abbey Awardee is an obvious choice.

The Award is an encouragement to newer members but is also open to longer standing members to encourage them to continue their contribution and commitment to the Object of Rotary.