Nominate a Rotarian

If your Rotary Club would like to make a Royce Abbey Award to a deserving member please fill in the online form below.

Payment Options:

Total: AUD$1,195.00  (Award AUD$1,000.00 and AUD$195.00 Administration Fee)

1) By Cheque: AUD$1,195.00 payable to:  ‘The Royce Abbey Awards Account’

2) By Direct Credit: Total AUD$1,195.00 to ‘The Royce Abbey Awards Account’ Bendigo Bank Strathmore Branch: BSB: 633-000  Account No: 138910518. (Please include the name of your Club and the Awardee with your payment)

AUD$1,000.00 will be paid on your behalf into The Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund within The Rotary Foundation

Royce Abbey Award Nomination Form

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Alternatively download the Award Application: PDF Format or Word Format and return the completed Application Form:

Or by mail to The Royce Abbey Awards Committee, 5 Upland Road, Strathmore, Vic 3041

For help please contact the Awards Committee: Maria Kouppas 0416 122 523 or Roger Leask 0412 706 566

Royce Abbey Award Nomination Form (Document Submission Only)

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