Nominate a Rotarian

To make a Royce Abbey Award to a deserving member of your club, please fill in the online form.

Royce Abbey Award Nomination Form

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Payment Options: AUD$1,195.00 payable by either:

1) Cheque payable to:  ‘The Royce Abbey Award Account’

2) Direct Credit to ‘The Royce Abbey Award Account’ Bendigo Bank Strathmore Branch: BSB: 633-000  Account No: 138910518. (Please include the name of your Club and the Nominated Rotarian with your payment)

Please make only one payment by Cheque or Direct Credit for AUD$1,195.00.

(AUD$1,000.00 will be paid into the The Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund within The Rotary Foundation on behalf of your club. You will receive  a receipt directly from The Rotary Foundation. AUD$195.00 covers the presentation pack, badge and costs related to the promotion and administration of the Award)

Note: you may complete the Application Form in Word format and email or send to the Royce Abbey Awards Committee Application form in Word Format

Email or print, complete in pen and send/email to: The Royce Abbey Awards Committee, PO Box 161, Essendon, Vic 3040

For help contact us by using the contact form or by calling: Maria Kouppas 0416 122 523, Roger Leask 0412 706 566 or David Abbey 0418 579 734