Aim: The aim of the Scholarship is to provide farmers, teachers and community leaders from the developing nations of the Asia Pacific region and beyond with practical training and experience in Australia in areas consistent with the Rotary Foundation’s Six Areas of Focus* with a preference for primary production and community development. The training and experience gained is to be applied for the benefit of the recipient’s community and organisation.

The Scholarship: The recipient(s) will spend up to three months in Australia hosted by an Australian Rotary Club (“the host club”). The training and experiences undertaken will be relevant to the benefits that will accrue to the recipient’s organization, home community and country. Up to three applicants as a team may be eligible to receive one Scholarship.

Eligibility: The Scholarship is open to citizens of developing countries in which Rotary programmes have been successfully conducted, preferably in the Asia Pacific area.

What the Scholarship Provides: The Scholarship provides up to US$10,000 for training fees, airfares, accommodation, subsistence, insurance, internal travel and medical insurance for the duration of the Scholarship. The Scholarship itinerary will be appropriate for the applicant’s skills and applicable to the needs of the applicant’s community or organization. The Scholarship, including the itinerary and budget, is planned and administered by the host club.  (The Scholarship does not provide remuneration for the recipient)

Selecting an applicant for the Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship: an applicant

can be of any age (a Scholarship can be a team of up to three people at once)

must have a reasonable level of English; appropriate IELT’s / TOFL English levels

will preferably be working, studying or involved in rural or community development

will possess leadership qualities

will have the capacity to undertake the proposed training itinerary proposed

will have the capacity to pass on the skills learnt during the scholarship

does not require an academic background

will preferably have a sponsor Rotary Club or organisation in their country

will be from a community or organisation with which the host club has a strong, ongoing relationship in the form of an assistance programme (e.g. a RAWCS project)

will be committed to the development of their local community or organisation in one or more of the following areas:

agricultural development and food production

disease prevention and treatment

water and sanitation

maternal and child health

basic education and literacy

practical training

economic and community development

A Scholarship Recipient’s Responsibilities: A successful Scholarship applicant is required to:

return to his/her home country at the end of the Scholarship

reside with members of the host club or as otherwise organized

comply with the itinerary and training programme arranged

attend Rotary meetings and conferences as requested

submit an interim written report to the committee, at least half way through the Scholarship, summarizing the experiences and training undertaken

submit a final written report to the committee prior to departing Australia summarizing the training activities and practical experiences undertaken and including the plans for applying the knowledge gained. The recipient should also comment on possible improvements to the Scholarship which may benefit future recipients. (It is anticipated that both reports will be prepared in conjunction with a mentor from the host club)

provide a report to the committee within six months after the completion of the Scholarship detailing how the knowledge gained has been applied and listing the benefits derived by the recipient’s community.

The Australian Host Rotary Club’s Responsibilities: The host club will identify the applicant, apply for approval of the Scholarship, plan and implement the Scholarship and be responsible for the recipient’s care and welfare while in Australia. Specifically it will:

have an existing programme and relationship with the applicant’s community or organization

have personal knowledge of the applicant and the role he or she plays in the community or organization

identify the applicant as a person capable of imparting the knowledge gained to his or her community or organization

prepare the Initial Application and submit it to the committee for approval

on approval of the Initial Application liaise with the committee in the preparation of the Detailed Application

on approval of the Application, assist the recipient in obtaining a Visa

arrange all international travel, accommodation, training, internal travel and attend to the daily needs of the recipient

assist the recipient in preparation of interim and final reports to the committee

provide the committee with a detailed report on the Scholarship including all income and expenditure related to the Scholarship

provide the committee with ongoing reports as to the progress of the recipient and his or her community

Applications: Applications are made by the proposed host club on the Scholarship Application forms available on this Website.

The Initial Application provides the applicant’s details, qualifications, references and experience, a summary of the proposed training and the objectives of the training. Once the Initial Application is approved by the committee, the host club will prepare and submit a Detailed Application including the proposed itinerary and budget.

The Scholarship Committee: In determining an application, the committee will take into account:

the strength of the relationship between the host club and the applicant’s community or organization

the applicant’s position within his or her community

the applicant’s experience and capacity to handle up to three months of practical training away from his or her family and community

the applicant’s fluency and familiarity with the English language

the applicant’s capacity to learn and to then impart the knowledge gained to his her community or organization

the quality and content of the Initial and Detailed Application submitted and whether the proposed itinerary and training programme will provide practical experience of benefit to the applicant’s home community or organization

whether the applicant is from a country with which The Rotary Foundation has established programmes and in which the Australian Government has an aid programme.

Approval of any Application remains in the sole discretion of the committee.

After approval by the committee the Application is submitted for approval by the Rotary District 9800 Foundation Committee and The Rotary Foundation.

*The Rotary Foundation’s Six Areas of Focus may be found at:

A print version of this page is available here